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Definition of deck:

  1. A heap or store.
  2. A main aeroplane surface, esp. of a biplane or multiplane.
  3. A pack or set of playing cards.
  4. The floorlike covering of the horizontal sections, or compartments, of a ship. Small vessels have only one deck; larger ships have two or three decks.
  5. The roof of a passenger car.
  6. The upper part or top of a mansard roof or curb roof when made nearly flat.
  7. To cover; to overspread.
  8. To dress, as the person; to clothe; especially, to clothe with more than ordinary elegance; to array; to adorn; to embellish.
  9. To furnish with a deck, as a vessel.


fancify, down, deck of cards, embellish, strike down, embroider, blow up, invest, blast, beautify, bedight, level, ball over, aggrandise, pull down, prettify, illustrate, lay low, ground, pad, pack of cards, shock, push down, blow out of the water, flatten, underprice, plunge, bring down, bedeck, aggrandize, dramatise, prostrate, floor, coldcock, story, pack, card, tier, adorn, grace, ditch, decorate, flight, knock down, dress, fell, garnish, ornament, clothe, cut down, set, gild, layer, take aback, throw, rise, dramatize, lard, drop, dump.

Usage examples: