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Definition of declamatory:

  1. Characterized by rhetorical display; pretentiously rhetorical; without solid sense or argument; bombastic; noisy; as, a declamatory way or style.
  2. Pertaining to declamation; treated in the manner of a rhetorician; as, a declamatory theme.


orotund, erect, swollen, heavy, with child, rotund, turgid, aureate, big, discursive, rhetorical, overblown, words, chatty, large, verbose, tumid, windy, round, elocutionary, circuitous, tumescent, puffy, fluent, stuffy, style, prominent, magniloquent, flowery, sonorous, gravid, clean, elocutionary, grandiloquent, high-flown, conversational, plain, great, articulate, enceinte, diffuse, expectant, pear-shaped, oratorical, fustian, formal, magnanimous, crisp, bombastic, high-sounding, oratorical, intumescent, economical.

Usage examples: