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Definition of declivity:

  1. A descending surface; a sloping place.
  2. Deviation from a horizontal line; gradual descent of surface; inclination downward; slope; - opposed to acclivity, or ascent; the same slope, considered as descending, being a declivity, which, considered as ascending, is an acclivity.


drop, blood, inclination, celestial latitude, downfall, deterioration, extraction, tumble, ancestry, regrets, dusk, downslope, surrender, lineage, downhill, hanging, evenfall, line, diminution, stock, nightfall, dip, decline in quality, free fall, hang, rise, decay, descent, twilight, pitch, bloodline, origin, filiation, declension, declination, parentage, fall, capitulation, line of descent, autumn, pin, blood line, dec, stemma, worsening, gloam, crepuscule, pedigree, downgrade, decline, gloaming, crepuscle, spill.

Usage examples: