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Definition of decompose:

  1. To become resolved or returned from existing combinations; to undergo dissolution; to decay; to rot.
  2. To separate the constituent parts of; to resolve into original elements; to set free from previously existing forms of chemical combination; to bring to dissolution; to rot or decay.


disperse, disassemble, study at decay, separate, crack, dismantle, pick, dissipate, die, dispel, analyze, waste, fragmentise, better, molder, disintegrate, split up, part, fragmentize, adjourn, resolve, cut off, break-up, continue, break apart, sever, calve, give way, help, tumble, crush, split, snap, dilapidate, fail, moulder, crock up, lose it, go, rot, deteriorate, analyse, collapse, break down, fragment, crash, taint, interrupt, go bad, crack up, crumple, take apart, scatter, corrupt, recess, thrive, give out, disrupt, conk out.

Usage examples: