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Definition of decorated:

  1. of Decorate


fancied up, ornamented, gussied, beaded, studded, cloisonne, gilt-edged, tapestried, embroidered, plumed, embellished, encircled, embossed, bejeweled, plumy, frilled, crested, fringed, raised, gussied up, braided, bespangled, ornate, crocketed, mosaic, bejewelled, topknotted, inwrought, tasseled, bedaubed, inlaid, ringed, beady, tinseled, buttony, carbuncled, clinquant, inflamed, paneled, hung, mounted, frilly, champleve, monocled, tufted, wreathed, brocaded, gemmed, enameled, spectacled, wainscoted, feathery, elaborate, sequined, jewelled, feathered, ruffled, tessellated, tricked out, laced, adorned, bespectacled, jeweled, spangled, spangly, tinselly, tasselled.

Usage examples: