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Definition of decrepit:

  1. Broken down with age; wasted and enfeebled by the infirmities of old age; feeble; worn out.


rheumatoid, screaky, delicate, tattered, ramshackle, senile, delinquent, imperfect, scrubby, infirm, neglectful, elderly, unaccented, study at weak, shoddy, rachitic, rundown, olden, age-old, deserted, puny, antediluvian, sapless, watery, aging, worn, shabby, remiss, lame, insubstantial, nerveless, strong, woeful, geriatric, abandoned, rheumy, light, tumble-down, wobbly, down-at-heel, unsound, washy, seedy, mangy, gray, antiquated, old, tacky, unsubstantial, debile, threadbare, tatty, fallible, patriarchal, senior, antique, ageing, ratty, immemorial, weak, faded, time-honored, weakly, broken-down, ancient, tatterdemalion, sleazy, ancestor, run-down, arthritic, creaky, venerable, rheumatic, aged, antiquity, remote, derelict, decaying, frail, scruffy, better, hoary, dingy, flea-bitten, elder, dilapidated, shaky, wonky, woebegone, time-worn, bedraggled, feeble.

Usage examples: