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Definition of deed:

  1. A sealed instrument in writing, on paper or parchment, duly executed and delivered, containing some transfer, bargain, or contract.
  2. Dead.
  3. Fact; reality; - whence we have indeed.
  4. Illustrious act; achievement; exploit.
  5. Performance; - followed by of.
  6. Power of action; agency; efficiency.
  7. That which is done or effected by a responsible agent; an act; an action; a thing done; - a word of extensive application, including, whatever is done, good or bad, great or small.
  8. To convey or transfer by deed; as, he deeded all his estate to his eldest son.


title of respect, exploit, act, lease, security, record, effect, warranty, human action, release, human activity, turn, accomplishment, agreement, consummation, rubric, statute title, enactment, feat, claim, deed of conveyance, bit, doing, achievement, form of address, transaction, championship, commission, certificate, do, effort, instrument, routine, exertion, charter, work, execution, indenture, voucher, title, document, thing, number.

Usage examples: