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Definition of deem:

  1. Opinion; judgment.
  2. To account; to esteem; to think; to judge; to hold in opinion; to regard.
  3. To be of opinion; to think; to estimate; to opine; to suppose.
  4. To decide; to judge; to sentence; to condemn.
  5. To pass judgment.


defy, throw, hold, accommodate, go for, confine, sustain, concord, count, compute, defend, check, have got, hold up, agree, oblige, view, reserve, admit, sum up, opine, have, calculate, think, take hold, hold back, bind, halt, take for, estimate, rate, bear, apply, curb, control, harbour, support, restrain, hold in, obligate, opinion, keep back, withstand, guard, obtain, adjudge, consider, contain, give, regard, enumerate, figure, make, take, see, keep, prevail, nurse, entertain, carry, reckon, view as, account, concur, book, retain, harbor, esteem, moderate, perspective, number, arrest, cast.

Usage examples: