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Definition of deeply:

  1. At or to a great depth; far below the surface; as, to sink deeply.
  2. Gravely; with low or deep tone; as, a deeply toned instrument.
  3. Profoundly; thoroughly; not superficially; in a high degree; intensely; as, deeply skilled in ethics.
  4. Very; with a tendency to darkness of color.
  5. With profound skill; with art or intricacy; as, a deeply laid plot or intrigue.


come down, chesty, strongly, particularly, bottomless, knee-deep, profoundly, heavily, sincerely, well, late, fathomless, genuinely, intensely, really, a lot, depth, thoroughly, bronchial, labored, fathom, pulmonary, breathless, deep, bottommost, very, greatly, immensely, indrawn, choke, indeed.

Usage examples: