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Definition of defame:

  1. Dishonor.
  2. To charge; to accuse.
  3. To harm or destroy the good fame or reputation of; to disgrace; especially, to speak evil of maliciously; to dishonor by slanderous reports; to calumniate; to asperse.
  4. To render infamous; to bring into disrepute.


misuse, injure, abuse, belittle, harm, charge, crimes, mislead, smirch, maltreat, indict, cloud, lie, blur, attack, denigrate, cast aspersions on, calumniate, revile, backbite, concoct, pervert, prostitute, violate, persecute, smudge, misspeak, make up, ravish, incriminate, daub, besmirch, corrupt, victimize, deceive, wrong, damage, rail at, upon, smutch, law, impose on _or_ oppress, slander, aggrieve, bend the truth, ill-treat, sully, fabricate, maculate, misemploy, vituperate, stain, invent, taint, slur, ill-use, asperse, impeach, tear down, manufacture, smear, minimize, molest, criminate, ruin.

Usage examples: