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Definition of default:

  1. A failing or failure; omission of that which ought to be done; neglect to do what duty or law requires; as, this evil has happened through the governor's default.
  2. A neglect of, or failure to take, some step necessary to secure the benefit of law, as a failure to appear in court at a day assigned, especially of the defendant in a suit when called to make answer; also of jurors, witnesses, etc.
  3. Fault; offense; ill deed; wrong act; failure in virtue or wisdom.
  4. To call a defendant or other party whose duty it is to be present in court, and make entry of his default, if he fails to appear; to enter a default against.
  5. To fail in duty; to offend.
  6. To fail in fulfilling a contract, agreement, or duty.
  7. To fail to appear in court; to let a case go by default.
  8. To fail to perform or pay; to be guilty of neglect of; to omit; as, to default a dividend.
  9. To leave out of account; to omit.


nonpayment, slackness, carelessness, disrespect, neglect, failure, flout, break, back out, thoughtlessness, scorn, heedlessness, pull back, evasion, contravene, liquidation, disobey, liquidate, artificial intelligence, defy, forget, ABEND, access time, dereliction, A-D conversion, authoring, challenge, think better of something, alpha test, remissness, misprision, incur, inadvertence, compound, forgo, do, indifference, AI, clear, background processing, infringe, oversight, nonfeasance, disregard, cry off, neglectfulness, call off, hold back, slight, default option, discharge, batch, knock something on the head, amortize, offend, negligence, forgive, omission, violate, breach, back down, default on, nonremittal, inattention, authentication.

Usage examples: