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Definition of defend:

  1. To deny the right of the plaintiff in regard to ( the suit, or the wrong charged); to oppose or resist, as a claim at law; to contest, as a suit.
  2. To prohibit; to forbid.
  3. To repel danger or harm from; to protect; to secure against; attack; to maintain against force or argument; to uphold; to guard; as, to defend a town; to defend a cause; to defend character; to defend the absent; -- sometimes followed by from or against; as, to defend one's self from, or against, one's enemies.
  4. To ward or fend off; to drive back or away; to repel.


oppose, nurse, champion, concur, rationalize, arraign, constitute, crusade, act, stick out, hold back, look after, stave off, bolster, aid, keep, espouse, agree, keep (a) watch, cite, garrison, exemplify, fend for, apply, endure, charge, fight back, insure, exonerate, fulfil, take up, duel, put up, back, watch, forfend, suffer, exert, declare, cherish, watch over, bring before, cover up for, observe, lay out, celebrate, obligate, escort, advocate, symbolize, ride, guarantee, substantiate, hedge, appear, raise, mine, represent, obtain, make, ward off, wield, arrest, endorse, bear, enter, appeal, leave, digest, throw, press, fend off, be, underpin, stomach, convoy, halt, hold in, adjudge, patronise, allow, patronize, restrain, beat off, contest, hold, plunk for, vindicate, controvert, back up, plump for, refrain, harbor, go for, obey, play, withhold, call, detain, bind, entertain, agitate, curb, maintain, harbour, counterbalance, confine, carry on, give, bring, fight down, accuse, pit, stage, take in, fence, keep back, campaign, indorse, oblige, yield, take hold, patronage, hold up, guard, take for, bear out, admit, corroborate, care for, retain, make up, view as, house, take, book, subscribe, abandon, fight, exculpate, confirm, concord, bulwark, support, match, control, moderate, surrender, have got, attack, contain, claim, comprise, stand for, convict, conduct, speak for, present, abide, keep up, typify, reserve, check, befriend, stand up for, tolerate, meet, race, recommend, second, keep off, push, foster, keep going, have, carry, nourish, defy, symbolise, play off, deem, asseverate, accommodate, affirm, interpret, warrant, stick up for, assert, map, correspond, prevail, entrench, brook.

Usage examples: