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Definition of defense:

  1. Alt. of Defence
  2. To furnish with defenses; to fortify.


falsifying, demur, custody, assertion, defence force, demurrer, vindication, attack, retaliation, defense lawyers, pleading, protector, proof, exoneration, confession, disaffirmation, advocacy, guardianship, defence mechanism, defending team, offense, self-renunciation, defense force, defense department, statement, aegis, denial, antitoxin, DoD, stand, Department of Defense, demurral, apologetic, maintenance, siege, backing, defence reaction, bumper, self-abnegation, case, self-denial, preservation, defense team, falsification, defensive structure, refutation, abnegation, front, defence, testimony, defense reaction, ward, defense mechanism, exculpation, inoculation, apologia, defensive measure, declaration, refutal, alibi, apology, precaution.

Usage examples: