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Definition of definition:

  1. Act of ascertaining and explaining the signification; a description of a thing by its properties; an explanation of the meaning of a word or term; as, the definition of circle; the definition of wit; an exact definition; a loose definition.
  2. An exact enunciation of the constituents which make up the logical essence.
  3. Description; sort.
  4. Distinctness or clearness, as of an image formed by an optical instrument; precision in detail.
  5. The act of defining; determination of the limits; as, a telescope accurate in definition.


gloss, commentary, paraphrase, clue, cue, determination, circumscription, signification, distinctness, comment, sharpness, rendering, clarification, demarcation, absurdity, outline, analogue, rationale, confusion, exposition, rendition, translation, boundary, diagnosis, outlining, explication, key, elucidation, delineation, exemplification, synonym, annotation, representation, clarity, sense, nonsense.

Usage examples: