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Definition of degrade:

  1. To degenerate; to pass from a higher to a lower type of structure; as, a family of plants or animals degrades through this or that genus or group of genera.
  2. To reduce from a higher to a lower rank or degree; to lower in rank; to deprive of office or dignity; to strip of honors; as, to degrade a nobleman, or a general officer.
  3. To reduce in altitude or magnitude, as hills and mountains; to wear down.
  4. To reduce in estimation, character, or reputation; to lessen the value of; to lower the physical, moral, or intellectual character of; to debase; to bring shame or contempt upon; to disgrace; as, vice degrades a man.


humble, destroy, put down, demean, repose, dismantle, win, let down, depress, attaint, bring down, downgrade, level, take down, land, enter, note, place down, respect, cast down, dishonour, rase, write down, sink, drop, bust, bump, lay, rise, demote, better, get down, raze, disgrace, drop off, set down, mortify, discharge, break, tear down, record, pull down, bring low, unload, deteriorate, humiliate, degenerate, discredit, cheapen.

Usage examples: