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Definition of delineation:

  1. A delineated picture; representation; sketch; description in words.
  2. The act of representing, portraying, or describing, as by lines, diagrams, sketches, etc.; drawing an outline; as, the delineation of a scene or face; in drawing and engraving, representation by means of lines, as distinguished from representation by means of tints and shades; accurate and minute representation, as distinguished from art that is careless of details, or subordinates them excessively.


moving-picture show, picture, icon, personation, rendition, exposure, show, impression, pic, pictorial matter, description, painting, cartoon, word-painting, scene, mental picture, characterisation, flick, film, portrait, image, depiction, enactment, video, portrayal, rendering, moving picture, account, ikon, vignette, line drawing, photograph, depicting, photo, portraiture, word picture, motion picture, portraying, characterization, expression, motion-picture show, surface, movie, definition, limning, picture show, edge.

Usage examples: