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Definition of delivery:

  1. The act of delivering from restraint; rescue; release; liberation; as, the delivery of a captive from his dungeon.
  2. The act of delivering up or over; surrender; transfer of the body or substance of a thing; distribution; as, the delivery of a fort, of hostages, of a criminal, of goods, of letters.
  3. The act of exerting one's strength or limbs.
  4. The act of giving birth; parturition; the expulsion or extraction of a fetus and its membranes.
  5. The act or manner of delivering a ball; as, the pitcher has a swift delivery.
  6. The act or style of utterance; manner of speaking; as, a good delivery; a clear delivery.


rescue, control, legal transfer, spoken language, relinquishment, birth, articulation, lurch, bringing, intonation, salvage, shipment, language, arm, give, labor, voice communication, lying-in, salvation, transfer, livery, auction pitch, transmission, sales pitch, slant, tar, pitch shot, enunciation, deliverance, talking to, performance, start, free on board, childbearing, childbirth, commitment, birthing, transportation, spoken communication, surrender, eloquence, manner of speaking, tone, rendition, rake, inflection, birthing, dispatch, confinement, accent, parturition, pitch, accouchement, obstetrics, offering, preservation, pronunciation, cash on delivery, distribution, pitching, words, emphasis, conveyance, saving, travail, diction, address, actor's line, oral communication, ball, obstetrical delivery, mailing, game, speech, sales talk, utterance, economy, elocution, lecture, portage, presentation, express, parcel post, speech communication, help.

Usage examples: