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Definition of deluge:

  1. A washing away; an overflowing of the land by water; an inundation; a flood; specifically, The Deluge, the great flood in the days of Noah ( Gen. vii.).
  2. Fig.: Anything which overwhelms, or causes great destruction.
  3. To overflow with water; to inundate; to overwhelm.
  4. To overwhelm, as with a deluge; to cover; to overspread; to overpower; to submerge; to destroy; as, the northern nations deluged the Roman empire with their armies; the land is deluged with woe.


wet, torrent, lush, too, overwhelm, Niagara, swamp, overtake, alluvion, flooded, dewdrop, top off, downpour, souse, whelm, sweep over, floodlight, pelter, full, over, violent stream, acid rain, inflation, inundate, cascade, run, curtain, rainstorm, submerse, charge, excessive, downfall, alluvial sediment, boozer, tsunami, outpouring, storm, photoflood, flood plain, flush, pump up, more, overcome, cataclysm, soaker, waterspout, hyper-, alluvium, flash flood, rising tide, overmuch, alluvial deposit, overpower, blizzard, cornucopia, feast, cataract, submerge, alcoholic, complex, blow up, cloudburst, tidal wave, inflate, flood, spate, flowage, band, bombardment, overly, beyond, concentration, flood lamp, high water, bonanza, big, rainfall, overmaster, alky, dipsomaniac, flood tide, exceptional, flood out, overflow, inundation, oversupply.

Usage examples: