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Definition of delve:

  1. A place dug; a pit; a ditch; a den; a cave.
  2. To dig into; to penetrate; to trace out; to fathom.
  3. To dig or labor with a spade, or as with a spade; to labor as a drudge.
  4. To dig; to open ( the ground) as with a spade.


hand, look into, pass, turn, moot, consider, grind, labour, flip over, enter, cut into, deliberate, excavate, flip, reconnoiter, reach, tip over, get the picture, labor, moil, pass on, scoop, drudge, stab, toil, hollow, search, tump over, turn over, grasp, apprehend, dig out, upset, prod, scout, travail, dig, knock over, grub, give, dig up, compass, jab, overturn, poke, savvy, roll, spade, comprehend, grok, shovel, bowl over.

Usage examples: