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Definition of demean:

  1. Behavior; conduct; bearing; demeanor.
  2. Demesne.
  3. Management; treatment.
  4. Resources; means.
  5. To conduct; to behave; to comport; - followed by the reflexive pronoun.
  6. To debase; to lower; to degrade; - followed by the reflexive pronoun.
  7. To manage; to conduct; to treat.


let down, quit, dishonor, repose, dishonour, unload, pull down, rase, disgrace, raze, comport, dismantle, degrade, deport, do, enter, behave, destroy, write down, cheapen, level, lower, carry, be, take down, place down, record, set down, shame, discredit, attaint, act, drop off, note, drop, bring down, tear down, get down, acquit, bear, land, put down, lay, discharge.

Usage examples: