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Definition of departure:

  1. Deviation or abandonment, as from or of a rule or course of action, a plan, or a purpose.
  2. Division; separation; putting away.
  3. Of or pert. to a going business or concern; as, the going value of a company.
  4. Removal from the present life; death; decease.
  5. Separation or removal from a place; the act or process of departing or going away.
  6. The desertion by a party to any pleading of the ground taken by him in his last antecedent pleading, and the adoption of another.
  7. The distance due east or west which a person or ship passes over in going along an oblique line.


passage, flight, deflexion, going away, dismission, tone ending, deprivation, passing game, passing play, sacking, arrival, sailing, deviation, freeing, departing, liberation, expiry, leaving, fade-out, going, spill, dispute, way out, firing, exhalation, separation, sack, hegira, red, handout, breathing out, escape, divagation, removal, landing, conflict, sledding, difference of opinion, personnel casualty, discharge, red ink, starting, passing, loss, disagreement, divergence, overtaking, diversion, remainder, emigration, deviance, correct, dismissal, discrepancy, pass, spillage, acquittance, termination, difference, waiver, farewell, deflexion, takeoff, qualifying, button, variance, evacuation, release, approach, getaway, divergency, walkout, expiration, retirement, retreat, press release, exit.

Usage examples: