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Definition of dependent:

  1. Hanging down; as, a dependent bough or leaf.
  2. One who depends; one who is sustained by another, or who relies on another for support of favor; a hanger- on; a retainer; as, a numerous train of dependents.
  3. Relying on, or subject to, something else for support; not able to exist, or sustain itself, or to perform anything, without the will, power, or aid of something else; not self- sustaining; contingent or conditioned; subordinate; -- often with on or upon; as, dependent on God; dependent upon friends.
  4. That which depends; corollary; consequence.


pendant, mutually beneficial, pendent, capable, qualified, strung-out, aquiline, interdependent, dependant, reliant, collateral, subject, open, hooked, babelike, poor, clinging, relative, mutualist, over, start, conditioned, bloodsucking, underage, helpless, subordinate, immature, myrmecophilous, reliant on, parasitic, conditional, hooklike, provisory, indigent, minor, ward, weak, give, restricted, low-level, addicted, conditioned, certified, charge, part, parasitical, leechlike, dependent on, drug-addicted, symbiotic.

Usage examples: