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Definition of depict:

  1. To form a colored likeness of; to represent by a picture; to paint; to portray.
  2. To represent in words; to describe vividly.


give, evince, fork up, hand over, attract, imbibe, delineate, fork out, record, tie, picture, thread, soak up, suck, quarter, envision, visualise, supply, read, indicate, render, report, draw off, drag, line, draw in, take in, deliver, translate, designate, limn, interpret, disembowel, fork over, shew, evidence, pull in, suck up, exhibit, bear witness, generate, yield, establish, return, make, present, distinguish, point, portray, visualize, reap, try, name, run, demo, eviscerate, withdraw, express, absorb, submit, take out, figure, image, take up, puff, identify, register, force, see, pull back, pull, draw and quarter, provide, fancy, prove, guide, furnish, testify, usher, demonstrate, account, get, get out, show, describe, key out, string, discover, impersonate, turn in, pull out, project, sop up, key, draw, pass, show up.

Usage examples: