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Definition of deplorable:

  1. Worthy of being deplored or lamented; lamentable; causing grief; hence, sad; calamitous; grievous; wretched; as, life's evils are deplorable.


misfortunate, poor, lamentable, dismal, perturbing, felonious, despicable, grim, low-down, woebegone, grievous, slimy, inferior, regrettable, good-for-nothing, hapless, woeful, wrong, no-account, blue, happy, detestable, pathetic, savage, distressing, pitiable, evil, dingy, criminal, cruel, poisonous, unworthy, dolorous, dreary, paltry, disgraceful, doleful, regrettable, ugly, suffering, sorrowful, sad, disconsolate, rueful, roughshod, no-count, pitiful, wretched, reprehensible, good, execrable, bad, abject, worrisome, brutal, distressful, worrying, shameful, piteous, sorry, vicious, scummy, worthless, abominable, meritless, vile, disgraceful, unsatisfactory, measly, venomous, scurvy, damnable, condemnable, disturbing, odious, regretful, mournful, miserable, troubling, gloomy, barbarous, unfortunate, good-for-naught, fell, faulty, drab, drear, low, dark, no-good.

Usage examples: