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Definition of deport:

  1. Behavior; carriage; demeanor; deportment.
  2. To carry or demean; to conduct; to behave; - followed by the reflexive pronoun.
  3. To transport; to carry away; to exile; to send into banishment.


guide, express, turn out, surrender, acquit, deliver, dismiss, quit, brook, carry, assume, dribble, turn in, stick out, expect, exculpate, birth, starve out, present, clear, hand over, have a bun in the oven, give birth, exonerate, post, support, be, convey, drive out, hound, behave, suffer, impart, lead, drive home, save, deal, stockpile, redeem, pitch, carry on, study at banish, demean, exile, pack, digest, fork out, direct, send away, bear, wear, take over, have, yield, expel from a country, transport, endure, discharge, stock, fork up, take, comport, transmit, abide, run, hold, return, persuade, sway, give up, stomach, tolerate, expatriate, rescue, extradite, accept, stand, gestate, render, put up, contain, conduct, fork over, extend, channel, cede, assoil, pay.

Usage examples: