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Definition of deposition:

  1. An opinion, example, or statement, laid down or asserted; a declaration.
  2. That which is deposited; matter laid or thrown down; sediment; alluvial matter; as, banks are sometimes depositions of alluvial matter.
  3. The act of bringing before the mind; presentation.
  4. The act of depositing or deposing; the act of laying down or thrown down; precipitation.
  5. The act of laying down one's testimony in writing; also, testimony laid or taken down in writing, under oath or affirmation, before some competent officer, and in reply to interrogatories and cross- interrogatories.
  6. The act of setting aside a sovereign or a public officer; deprivation of authority and dignity; displacement; removal.


affirmation, dethronement, depository, allegation, law, affidavit, alluviation, sedimentation, deposit, oath, sediment, down payment, witness, bank deposit, depositary, repository.

Usage examples: