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Definition of derail:

  1. To cause to run off from the rails of a railroad, as a locomotive.


jump out, leap out, thwart, squeeze out, blindside, unsettle, distract, stand out, concern, start, agitate, be wrecked, exercise, jump-start, climb up, collision, suppress, discompose, discomfort, worry, broadside, car crash, jump, kill, bang up, rise, distress, kill off, cut into, jumpstart, perturb, startle, stick out, blowout, skip over, stamp out, crash, pass over, accident, alarm, hinder, parachute, interfere with, distemper, aquaplane, hagride, alternate, freak, fuss, spring, bother, unhinge, bound, undo, ail, wreck, upset, hold back, flurry, chute, leap, jump off, dismay, frazzle, shut off, weird out, break down, breakdown, disquiet, skip.

Usage examples: