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Definition of designate:

  1. Designated; appointed; chosen.
  2. To call by a distinctive title; to name.
  3. To indicate or set apart for a purpose or duty; - with to or for; to designate an officer for or to the command of a post or station.
  4. To mark out and make known; to point out; to name; to indicate; to show; to distinguish by marks or description; to specify; as, to designate the boundaries of a country; to designate the rioters who are to be arrested.


mean, aim, define, denominate, signify, show up, put, make, exhibit, depute, fate, allot, mark out, prove, peg down, allocate, bear witness, orient, ascribe, incoming, sentence, particularize, establish, bespeak, level, direct, read, prefer, specific, set, attribute, impute, stipulate, express, delimit, demo, particularise, repoint, delimitate, suggest, shew, arrogate, assign, think, doom, present, register, specify, nominate, pin down, channelise, select, taper, manoeuvre, baptize, fix, determine, characterize, set apart, destine, testify, qualify, head, choice, style, intend, narrow, show, steer, channelize, appropriate, usher, tap, condition, argue, portion, earmark, stand for, target, manoeuver, depict, nail down, delegate, maneuver, limit, money, deputise, choose, record, place, demonstrate, luff, render, evince, specialise, specialize, words, favor, condemn, narrow down, collect, sharpen, picture, dub, evidence, delineate, set aside.

Usage examples: