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Definition of destine:

  1. To determine the future condition or application of; to set apart by design for a future use or purpose; to fix, as by destiny or by an authoritative decree; to doom; to ordain or preordain; to appoint; -- often with the remoter object preceded by to or for.


delimit, assign, set, specify, distribute, narrow down, pin down, doom, think, indicate, dedicate, foreordain, design, define, apportion, condemn, point, show, divide, foredoom, specialize, depute, grant, give, reserve, portion out, ordain, qualify, particularize, designate, particularise, award, predestine, specialise, fate, select, fix, sentence, delineate, decide, denominate, stipulate, mete out, delegate, narrow, peg down, allot, set apart, determine, certain, mean, predestinate, limit, condition, signify, preordain, nail down, predetermine, delimitate, intend, appoint, stand for.

Usage examples: