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Definition of destroyed:

  1. of Destroy


gone, wiped out, ravaged, washed-up, gutted, despoiled, raped, in ruins, extinguished, burned up, done for, finished, exterminated, blighted, consumed, lost, devastated, obliterated, dead, razed, burned-out, broken, wrecked, dismantled, war-worn, blotted out, overwhelmed, shattered, incinerated, blasted, scorched, devoured, annihilated, overrun, burnt-out, demolished, desolated, sacked, burned down, ruined, wasted, obliterate, desolate, war-torn, reduced to ashes, upset, burnt, pillaged, fallen, gone to pieces, submerged, kaput, withered, engulfed, tattered, impoverished, done away with, mown down, put to an end, totaled, sunk, burned, spoilt, felled, gone by the board, overturned, killed.

Usage examples: