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Definition of destructive:

  1. Causing destruction; tending to bring about ruin, death, or devastation; ruinous; fatal; productive of serious evil; mischievous; pernicious; -- often with of or to; as, intemperance is destructive of health; evil examples are destructive to the morals of youth.
  2. One who destroys; a radical reformer; a destructionist.


risky, annihilating, mischievous, ruinous, negative, obliterating, corrosive, noisome, perverting, fatal, damaging, dangerous, annihilative, noxious, hazardous, adverse, pernicious, fateful, unfavorable, vitriolic, blasting, soul-destroying, insalubrious, unsafe, pestilential, pestiferous, unhealthful, perilous, crushing, hurtful, devastating, wasteful, withering, ravaging, obscurant, cataclysmal, caustic, cataclysmic, annihilatory, unwholesome, damning, poisonous, erosive, help, devastative, unfortunate.

Usage examples: