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Definition of detachment:

  1. Abstraction from worldly objects; renunciation.
  2. That which is detached; especially, a body of troops or part of a fleet sent from the main body on special service.
  3. The act of detaching or separating, or the state of being detached.


insulation, fair-mindedness, insulant, assemble, preoccupied, legal separation, fallback, secession, onanism, uncoupling, neutralism, breakup, command, spaced out, pullout, insularism, disseverance, withdrawal, justness, fairness, backdown, evenhandedness, justice, abstracted, distance, neglectful, attitude, contingent, in a world of your own, organization, corps, separation, interval, drug withdrawal, near, patrol, insulating material, divorcement, parting, advance guard, disengagement, absent, disunion, in a dream, disjuncture, insularity, unit, nonpartisanship, impartialness, withdrawal method, inattentive, equity, equitableness, vacantly, severance, distant, climb-down, disseverment, fair, cavalry, pulling out, concern, coitus interruptus, include.

Usage examples: