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Definition of detect:

  1. Detected.
  2. To inform against; to accuse.
  3. To uncover; to discover; to find out; to bring to light; as, to detect a crime or a criminal; to detect a mistake in an account.


happen upon, abide by, come up, take note, recover, receive, let out, knowledge, ferret out, track, watch, acknowledge, anatomize, let on, invent, find, bump, honour, break, watch over, name, incur, encounter, celebrate, get a line, dredge, line up, animal rights, espy, nose out, bring out, get, root, find oneself, come upon, descry, hunt, mention, comment, rout, pick up, attain, see, scare up, unwrap, learn, maintain, discover, catch, keep an eye on, chance, chromatography, rule, happen, double-blind, find out, divulge, notice, note, turn up, run down, light upon, follow, spy, glimpse, witness, hit, point out, retrieve, chance on, control, scout, mind, come across, ascertain, key out, pick out, respect, rummage, give away, discern, hear, strike, get word, get hold, dissect, distinguish, observe, locate, key, dig out, get wind, mark, ferret, regain, remark, spot, tell, chance upon, honor, detection, obtain, keep, empirical, fall upon, describe, biopiracy.

Usage examples: