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Definition of detective:

  1. Fitted for, or skilled in, detecting; employed in detecting crime or criminals; as, a detective officer.
  2. One who business it is so detect criminals or discover matters of secrecy.


FBI agent, dick, scout, policeman, Scotland Yard man, member of a crime detection squad, bug artist, police sergeant, eavesdropper, reporter, eye, plainclothesman, agent, polygraphist, emissary, bull, patrolman, researcher, flatfoot, private investigator, bloodhound, police officer, slewfoot, hawkshaw, investigator, tail, shadow, newshound, operative, copper, gumshoe, fed, gumshoe, dick, research worker, sleuth, prosecutor, wiretapper, narc, minion of the law, sleuth, spy, narcotics agent, cop, criminologist, police detective, tec, investigate, Sherlock, shamus, PI, analyst, private eye, G-man.

Usage examples: