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Definition of deteriorate:

  1. To grow worse; to be impaired in quality; to degenerate.
  2. To make worse; to make inferior in quality or value; to impair; as, to deteriorate the mind.


miss, languish, fell, dismiss, send away, subvert, drop, corrupt, expend, better, thrive, send packing, cast off, flag, decompose, throw away, drop down, throw off, turn, shake off, flatten, canker, shed, demean, deprave, drip, cut down, slip into, fall, dribble, weaken, spoil, profane, rot, swing, overlook, molder, spend, discharge, set down, escalate, knock off, fail, break down, degrade, spiral, disintegrate, pervert, throw, degenerate, vitiate, lessen, strike down, unload, waste, debauch, retrograde, overleap, poison, dangle, drop off, go down, pass, neglect, warp, deepen, bastardize, abase, crumble, increase, leave out, prostitute, strong, omit, demoralize, fizzle, cast, descend into, cheapen, return, descend, pretermit, put down, devolve, taint.

Usage examples: