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Definition of diddle:

  1. To cheat or overreach.
  2. To totter, as a child in walking.


mope, stiff, encounter, euchre, spiel, shortchange, cabbage, drag, tarry, abstract, dillydally, ream, trick, roleplay, crawl, fiddle, represent, lollygag, skunk, monkey, shake down, screw, trim, bring, do in, toy, lag, lift, playact, goldbrick, shilly-shally, bilk, con, dawdle, bet, wreak, thimblerig, purloin, skin, entrap, creep, run, hook, swindle, swipe, take on, work, act as, gaff, poke, play at, dabble, scam, tamper, hose, victimise, cozen, flimflam, victimize, pass the time, bunco, chouse, squeeze, short, string along, flirt, pilfer, honest, chisel, memorize, defraud, trifle, sneak, beat, double-cross, shrink from, mulct, rip off, take, filch, pluck, hornswoggle, cheat, memorise, sucker, linger, abduct, bleed, pinch, dupe, shirk, deceive, meet, tinker, recreate, dally, loiter, snatch, do, gip, short-change, kidnap, stick, wager, hustle, gyp, nobble, gull, rook, sting, play, act, go through the motions, learn, trifle with, make for, snarf.

Usage examples: