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Definition of diet:

  1. A course of food selected with reference to a particular state of health; prescribed allowance of food; regimen prescribed.
  2. A legislative or administrative assembly in Germany, Poland, and some other countries of Europe; a deliberative convention; a council; as, the of Worms, held in 1521.
  3. Any of various national or local assemblies;
  4. Course of living or nourishment; what is eaten and drunk habitually; food; victuals; fare.
  5. In the old German or Holy Roman Empire, the great formal assembly of counselors ( the Imperial or Reichstag) or a small, local, or informal assembly of a similar kind ( the Court Diet, or Hoftag).
  6. Occasionally, the Reichstag of the German Empire, Reichsrath of the Austrian Empire, the federal legislature of Switzerland, etc.
  7. The federative assembly of the old Germanic Confederation ( 1815 - 66).
  8. The legislature of Denmark, Sweden, Japan, or Hungary.
  9. The local legislature ( Landtag) of an Austrian province.
  10. The state assembly or any of various local assemblies in the states of the German Empire, as the legislature ( Landtag) of the kingdom of Prussia, and the of the Circle ( Kreistag) in its local government.
  11. To cause to eat and drink sparingly, or by prescribed rules; to regulate medicinally the food of.
  12. To cause to take food; to feed.
  13. To eat according to prescribed rules; to ear sparingly; as, the doctor says he must diet.
  14. To eat; to take one's meals.


detox, comestible, feed, take to, food, crispy, crash diet, victual, calorific, cannibal, provender, nurture, crisp, chamber, provision, floor, tendency, chomp, brown-bag, creamy, bite, chewy, regimen, meat, forage, constituency, foodstuff, edible, lower house, victuals, Atkins diet, devour, cool, custom, sustenance, carnivore, nourishment, regime, fast, cannibalize, chilled, viands, choke down, nutrition, light, fodder, fare, parliament, dissolution, lite, nonfat, cannibalism, menu, grub, chow down, ritual, chow, habit, pap, ingestion, intake, buttery, abstemious, dissolve, caramelized, routine, way of life, as is someone's wont, crunch, low-cal, eats, pabulum, nutriment, common practice, aliment, fat-free, demolish, cream, parliamentarian, bolt, champ, bread, esculent, fatless, the Dail, dieting, daily life.

Usage examples: