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Definition of dignity:

  1. Elevated rank; honorable station; high office, political or ecclesiastical; degree of excellence; preferment; exaltation.
  2. Elevation; grandeur.
  3. Fundamental principle; axiom; maxim.
  4. One holding high rank; a dignitary.
  5. Quality suited to inspire respect or reverence; loftiness and grace; impressiveness; stateliness; - said of en, manner, style, etc.
  6. The state of being worthy or honorable; elevation of mind or character; true worth; excellence.


elevation, worthiness, self-esteem, gravity, prestige, self-worth, status, ceremoniousness, loftiness, lowliness, good report, formality, arrogance, significance, reserve, character, stuff, lordliness, gravitas, pride, self-respect, tone, high-handedness, solemnity, fame, renown, decorum, good name, self-regard, splendor, worth, importance, hauteur, honor, propriety, rank, class, regard, sublimity, respect, consequence, repute, decency, haughtiness, unseemliness, presence, reputation.

Usage examples: