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Definition of diligence:

  1. A four- wheeled public stagecoach, used in France.
  2. Interested and persevering application; devoted and painstaking effort to accomplish what is undertaken; assiduity in service.
  3. Process by which persons, lands, or effects are seized for debt; process for enforcing the attendance of witnesses or the production of writings.
  4. The quality of being diligent; carefulness; careful attention; - the opposite of negligence.


lotion, pertinacity, sedulousness, application program, exertion, earnestness, constancy, patience, labor, assiduousness, stick-to-itiveness, pains, application, steadiness, assiduity, keenness, manufacture, persistent exertion, applications programme, assiduousness, industry, studiousness, industrious, practical application, covering, coating, effort, industriousness.

Usage examples: