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Definition of dinero:

  1. A genus of plants embracing several species and varieties differing much in appearance and qualities: such as the common cabbage ( B. oleracea), broccoli, cauliflowers, etc.; the wild turnip ( B. campestris); the common turnip ( B. rapa); the rape or coleseed ( B. napus), etc.


net, kale, lucre, abrasion, plunder, ice lolly, cabbage, earnings, lollipop, dirty money, mark, dent, refined sugar, scrape, breadstuff, slit, copper, sugar, borecole, wampumpeag, banknote, profits, cole, bucks, gelt, saccharide, chou, prick, moolah, peag, starting line, chicken feed, cacography, lolly, lettuce, profit, bread, swag, scar, simoleons, bill, scratch, loot, popsicle, staff of life, booty, incision, kail, pillage, coin, net profit, shekels, scratch line, dough, coinage, scraping, start, scribble, net income, colewort, stops, pelf, boodle, excoriation, clams, wampum, prize, cash, scratching, change, scrawl, carbohydrate, cultivated cabbage.

Usage examples: