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Definition of diplomatic:

  1. A minister, official agent, or envoy to a foreign court; a diplomatist.
  2. Alt. of Diplomatical
  3. The science of diplomas, or the art of deciphering ancient writings, and determining their age, authenticity, etc.; paleography.


nice, delicate, politic, warm-hearted, adept, gentle, ability, ambassadorial, manipulative, consular, sensitive, adroit, tactful, statesmanlike, sensitive, shrewd, sly, caring, artful, contriving, good, cunning, attache, Machiavellian, astute, subtle, kind, delicate, diplomat, consul, accredited, dexterous, conniving, wily, statesmanly, opportunistic, charge d'affaires, suave, smooth, deft, chancellery, intriguing, strategic, sharp, tender, warm, scheming, diplomacy, ambassador, wise, diplomatical, calculating, cagey, generous, savvy, conciliatory, crafty.

Usage examples: