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Definition of disagreeable:

  1. Exciting repugnance; offensive to the feelings or senses; displeasing; unpleasant.
  2. Not agreeable, conformable, or congruous; contrary; unsuitable.


stressful, trying, vexing, unlikable, disturbing, irritating, pestering, mean, difficult, bad, closed, cross, surly, grumpy, testy, snappy, harsh, peevish, abrasive, incompatible, bothersome, irascible, galling, ill-tempered, teasing, plaguy, nerve-racking, rude, vexatious, crabbed, querulous, irritable, nerve-wracking, yucky, cantankerous, crabby, unkindly, pesky, cranky, fretful, bad-tempered, unlikeable, unsweet, grouchy, plaguey, waspish, attitude, good, snappish, petulant, pestiferous, nettlesome, upsetting, unsympathetic, icky, annoying, uncongenial, pain.

Usage examples: