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Definition of disagreement:

  1. A falling out, or controversy; difference.
  2. Difference of opinion or sentiment.
  3. The state of disagreeing; a being at variance; dissimilitude; diversity.
  4. Unsuitableness; unadaptedness.


diverseness, variety, kickup, argy-bargy, bicker, dissensus, inequality, controversy, distinctiveness, dissonance, distance, divergency, distinction, contrariety, divergence, donnybrook, dissimilarity, firestorm, variance, noise, departure, contretemps, discrepancy, dissimilitude, variant, contrast, run-in, scrap, debate, contestation, racket, a war of words, battle royal, quarrel, discrimination, disparateness, disputation, otherness, dissension, nonconcurrence, variation, falling-out, disparity, variableness, tangle, word, deviation, inconsistency, distinctness, incongruity, tiff, division, wrangle, agree, unlikeness, diversity, a world of difference, polemic, spat, variability, argle-bargle, cross fire, set-to, discrepance, gap, rhubarb, difficulty.

Usage examples: