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Definition of disappear:

  1. To cease to appear or to be perceived; to pass from view, gradually or suddenly; to vanish; to be no longer seen; as, darkness disappears at the approach of light; a ship disappears as she sails from port.
  2. To cease to be or exist; as, the epidemic has disappeared.


be gone, pass out of sight, perish, dethaw, become imperceptible, show, pass away, vanish, abscond, go away, be eradicated, vaporize, decamp, die away, meld, escape, withdraw, go off the stage, leave, melt away, retreat, come to naught, unfreeze, undergo eclipse, pass out, dematerialize, run, cease to be, recede from view, be swallowed up, fade out, melt down, mellow, be consumed, live, come to an end, pass, go poof, die, end gradually, take French leave, disperse, pass out of the picture, cease, exit, go forth, die, expire, become extinct, vanish into thin air, be no more, retire from sight, dissipate, pass on, wane, die out, fade away, ebb, be lost to view, unthaw, fall away, retire, fell, fade out, thaw, leave no trace, cease to exist, vamoose, do a disappearing act, vanish from sight, drop out of sight, mellow out, vaporise.

Usage examples: