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Definition of disentangle:

  1. To extricate from complication and perplexity; disengage from embarrassing connection or intermixture; to disembroil; to set free; to separate.
  2. To free from entanglement; to release from a condition of being intricately and confusedly involved or interlaced; to reduce to orderly arrangement; to straighten out; as, to disentangle a skein of yarn.


crystallize, square away, decompress, clear, unbend, unpick, clean up, shed light on, put right, unknot, extricate, unravel, crystallise, see the light, loosen up, comb, weed out, disencumber, sort out, straighten out, disinvolve, disembroil, make relaxed, unstrain, relax, unroll, wind off, straighten, unlax, tidy, neaten, crystalise, illuminate, unhitch, untwist, disengage, comb-out, unwind, elucidate, crystalize, iron out, enlighten, clear up, untangle, unsnarl, tidy up, slow down, ransack, reform, unscramble.

Usage examples: