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Definition of disgorge:

  1. To eject or discharge by the throat and mouth; to vomit; to pour forth or throw out with violence, as if from the mouth; to discharge violently or in great quantities from a confined place.
  2. To give up unwillingly as what one has wrongfully seized and appropriated; to make restitution of; to surrender; as, he was compelled to disgorge his ill- gotten gains.
  3. To vomit forth what anything contains; to discharge; to make restitution.


eruct, put, roll, extravasate, cronk, throw off, mold, heave, spue, drift, beep, frame, honk, tramp, ptyalize, purge, puke, cast off, mould, swan, reproduce, wander, flush, spew, roam, toot, hurl, ramble, run out, drop, scour, splatter, rove, spit, barf, vagabond, talk, claxon, throw away, blare, project, explosion, redact, chuck, upchuck, ptyalise, stray, pat, slough, cat, vomit, retch, couch, be sick, gag, draw, purify, shed, molt, sick, spill, spew out, pour forth, throw up, toss, sanctify, regurgitate, shake off, vomit up, exuviate, range, expel, contrive, moult, hurtle, cast, ditch, regorge, slop, throw.

Usage examples: