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Definition of dishonest:

  1. Characterized by fraud; indicating a want of probity; knavish; fraudulent; unjust.
  2. Dishonorable; shameful; indecent; unchaste; lewd.
  3. Dishonored; disgraced; disfigured.
  4. To disgrace; to dishonor; as, to dishonest a maid.
  5. Wanting in honesty; void of integrity; faithless; disposed to cheat or defraud; not trustworthy; as, a dishonest man.


untruthful, fraudulent, dishonorable, disingenuous, corrupt, bribable, self-serving, cunning, low, dirty, duplicitous, false, double-tongued, deceptive, Machiavellian, slippery, recreant, dishonourable, rogue, unethical, venal, defrauding, mendacious, guileful, lying, ignoble, perfidious, roguish, deceitful, corruptible, scrupulous, sharp, questionable, ethical, mean, insidious, unscrupulous, thievish, picaresque, undependable, double-faced, fallacious, rotten, dubious, truthful, tricky, sneaking, pettifogging, rascally, unprincipled, scoundrelly, wily, canting, disreputable, thieving, sinister, blackguardly, shifty, fast, evasive, degraded, underhand, double dealing, purchasable, beguiling, trustworthy, villainous, misleading, unctuous, backbiting, for sale, double, shabby, unworthy, Janus-faced, contemptible, fishy, honest, sneaky, bent, knavish, two-faced, ambidextrous, shady.

Usage examples: