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Definition of dishonour:

  1. Disgrace; any stain or blemish on the reputation; shame; ignominy.
  2. To disgrace; to bring reproach or shame upon; to lessen reputation; to degrade; to seduce; to refuse or decline to meet an acceptance or bill of exchange, generally from inability to pay it.


go against, shock, attaint, scandalise, assault, transport, round, demean, appall, despoil, snipe, dishonor, violate, breach, plunder, outrage, enchant, enrapture, take down, discredit, spoil, desecrate, lash out, profane, rape, enthrall, put down, enthral, degrade, assail, shame, transgress, ravish, infract, appal, attack, set on, break, delight, offend, disgrace, scandalize.

Usage examples: