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Definition of dislodge:

  1. Dwelling apart; separation.
  2. To drive from a lodge or place of rest; to remove from a place of quiet or repose; as, shells resting in the sea at a considerate depth are not dislodged by storms.
  3. To drive out from a place of hiding or defense; as, to dislodge a deer, or an enemy.
  4. To go from a place of rest.


knock loose, evict, break, lurch, resign, agitate, knock, unloosen, free, take, budge, encounter, unfreeze, chase, boycott, expel, weed out, extract, relieve, clear, remove, ban, chance, banish, pitch, unloose, blacklist, get out, oust, discharge, release, change, eject, reposition, transfer, liberate, disembarrass, flush out, bump, exempt, kick downstairs, relinquish, unblock, change over, demonstrate, uproot, justify, destabilize, take off, careen, happen, wobble, drive out, give up, relegate, sweep away, tilt, find, displace, demote, absolve, rid, ostracize, foment, bring down, defect, shift, loose, expatriate, stir, dismiss, switch.

Usage examples: