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Definition of dismantle:

  1. To disable; to render useless.
  2. To strip of furniture and equipments, guns, etc.; to unrig; to strip of walls or outworks; to break down; as, to dismantle a fort, a town, or a ship.
  3. To strip or deprive of dress; to divest.


down, denude, discase, study at strip, deprive, take apart, crack, calve, tear down, disgrace, unrig, discerp, reave, disrupt, carve up, democratize, despoil, denationalize, dismember, break down, recess, divest, demean, collapse, interrupt, undo, scatter, subvert, level, help, disunify, lower, even out, dynamite, centralise, develop, rifle, assemble, adjourn, get down, plunder, peel, dismount, decompose, democratise, bare, take to pieces, dissipate, uncase, destruct, cut down, resolve, ransack, fragmentise, unclothe, undress, flush, demount, push down, disperse, crock up, leach, loot, crash, screen off, fragmentize, degrade, clean, let down, deindustrialize, decentralize, even, strike, take down, devolve, fell, dismount, raze, strip down, disrobe, destruct, branch, cut off, note, charge, crack up, foray, disassemble, dispel, decentralise, analyze, split up, break-up, pillage, denudate, unbuild, centralize, dissolve, break apart, pull down, level off, point, ruin, strip, analyse, pick, disinvest, knock down, bring down, put down, rase.

Usage examples: